Evaluating, Measuring and Assigning Value to Talent

with Paul DePodesta

The Moneyball story became a hit with both baseball fans and business leaders because it challenged the status quo for managing personnel. At the time of Paul’s hiring, Oakland was one of the worst teams in the league, coming off six losing seasons while posting one of the lowest payrolls in baseball. In an industry entrenched in ingrained thinking and outdated systems, the A’s needed the unique management and creative approach that GM Billy Beane and Paul brought to the table. Conventional wisdom in MLB is that wealthy teams – who spend three times as much on talent as poor teams – will win out. But in Paul’s final four seasons in Oakland, the A’s won more regular season games than the New York Yankees, who during the same period spent $350 million more on player payroll than the A’s. In this session, Paul will discuss the innovative strategies he used to create a winning team, as well as the application of these strategies in the corporate world.


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