Kurt Reinhart

Chief Innovation Officer, Create Training & Consulting


Kurt is an author, consultant, trainer and teacher of managers. His consulting firm – called Create – provokes, shares, enables, encourages, stimulates and influences the intention and decisions managers make in their job of getting things done through others. Think managerial and leadership development programs, workshops, speeches and curriculum. All designed around experiential learning and the answers to the questions… ”What, why, how and to what extent?”

Prior to Create, he helped grow Planet Management. As Director of Training, he led the company’s field consultation and project management, as well as assisting in curriculum development and sales. Prior to Planet Management, Kurt was Senior Trainer and Consultant for The Friedman Group and was instrumental in implementing management and sales systems to a large variety of clients.

Kurt holds a B.A. in Art with a focus on Design and Photography from The University of Arkansas.


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