Christopher Krywulak

President & CEO, iQmetrix

Christopher is committed to iQmetrix’s growth, innovation, culture and integrity. He leads the Executive Team in ensuring all departments operate according to the company mission: To create great experiences – at the workplace, in the products they build and in the service they deliver.

Christopher started his first business, specializing in car phone/audio sales and installations, in his home province of Saskatchewan in 1990. This business grew to include wireless phones and soon became too big to manage on conventional spreadsheets. Christopher founded iQmetrix in 1999 to build retail management software specific to wireless businesses. Since then, iQmetrix has grown to become the leading wireless retail management solution provider in North America.

A world-class Taekwondo champion, Christopher developed a tireless work ethic during his years of martial arts training. Throughout his career, Christopher has been passionate about philosophy and big ideas, driven by a desire to create an environment where innovation, agility, cooperation and great experiences can coincide. That environment is iQmetrix.


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