Chris Nicol

Design Lead, Platform, iQmetrix

Chris has been with iQmetrix for 5 years having originally joined as a front-end developer in the Vancouver office back in 2009. With a background in both development and design, Chris had worked on numerous software projects before joining iQmetrix. Since that time, he has enjoyed a wealth of exposure to the wireless world and the many products that iQmetrix offer.

Nearly two years ago, Chris transitioned to oversee the design of part of our Platform, specifically our Product Library. He wanted to be a part of delivering a foundation that iQmetrix could grow and innovate on, one that powers many of the amazing experiences iQmetrix provides to our clients.

Today, Chris continues to push a vision of where iQmetrix is going, working with a number of Platform teams to design and develop fundamental building blocks that are used to bring consistent and rich elements to the applications that power the retail experience.


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