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Dealer to Dealer: My First iQmetrix Retail Summit – Why new dealers need to attend!

If you’ve never attended an iQmetrix Retail Summit before you may be unsure what you’d get out of it. Instead of us telling you why you should attend we’ve asked a long-time Summit attendee, Anita Denboske, President of Active Communications, to share her thoughts on why this is a can’t-miss event!

When did you first start attending iQmetrix’s Summits?

We started attending the Summit in 2008 when Work Wireless and iQmetrix merged, I think we only missed the very first one, and we wouldn’t even consider missing another one.

What made you decide to attend for the first time?

We were invited to attend and learn about all the great features and benefits of our new point of sale software. We had been using Work Wireless and wanted to learn about the changes we would be experiencing with the new iQmetrix software.

What would you say to others who are coming for the first time this year or are unsure if they should attend?

The iQmetrix Summit is by far the best trade show of the year. We have tried CTIA and CES and other smaller shows and none of them compare with the iQmetrix Summit for content and value. Each year we have brought 4-5 people and have always been confident that we have more than received a return on our investment in knowledge and industry insight.  This year I am bringing a team of 6 from a company of 25 employees. I believe in the Summit so much that I am also taking a very deserving store manager, and am very excited to see the added sessions geared toward that store manager level.

This industry is about change and adaptation. As an owner of 5 stores, I need to educate myself and my team to stay ahead of the curve. Those that don’t invest in themselves and their team will find themselves wondering how it was that others saw something coming, when they did not.  The Summit is not just about learning more about iQmetrix point-of-sale software (even though it could be and I would still go), it is about so much more. There are tons of opportunities to network and share best practices. I have learned things from other dealers that we have implemented to become more profitable and efficient. Also each year, I am introduced to new vendors and products that I later have integrated into my company, again making me more efficient and profitable. I would say to anyone unsure about attending “can you really afford not to come? You can bet your competition will be there.”

What tips would you give to someone attending their first Summit?

Our management team meets before the Summit and we talk about what we want to get from the event. Each of us have different roles and so we look at the agenda and we divide and attend as many sessions as we can. At the end of each day we meet back up and share what we learned and ideas on how we can use them within our organization. If we are having challenges with a certain area, whether it is operational, sales or finance we use the Summit to meet and talk to as many people as we can. Chances are they have experienced that problem as well and have suggestions of things that have worked for them.

Take time to meet with your iQmetrix Account Manager face-to-face, in fact, try to meet and get to know as many iQmetrix people as you can. They are a wealth of knowledge and I have never seen a company so committed to the betterment of their clients.

In addition to all the knowledge we obtain each year at the Summit. We also have a BLAST!  iQmetrix puts on a first rate event. The venues are superb, with great food, drink and FUN.  My management team, myself included, comes home every year energized and pumped up to push us to the next level. The Summit is great training and insight but it is also the BEST REWARD of the year.

Will 2014 be the year you attend your first iQmetrix Retail Summit? Register here!

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