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Dealer to Dealer: The Value in attending the 2014 iQmetrix Retail Summit

With the 2014 iQmetrix Retail Summit approaching, we interviewed three of our clients, Mike Ehlers and Mark Erdmann over at mkCellular, Inc., and Brady Hansen from BeMobile to learn straight from them why this event is a valuable experience for their company. Here’s what they said:

Why do you attend the iQmetrix Summit year after year?

Mike: The iQmetrix Summit provides insight and tactics for running a more efficient and profitable company. From topics such as fraud prevention to employee retention, the Summit covers a vast array of the day to day struggles that most small/medium businesses face. The afterhours events foster an environment to mingle with your peers, share ideas and collaborate. You will form new partnerships with the vendors and peers that help push your business to new heights.

Mark: As a valued, key vendor-partner helping to manage our business, attendance helps us leverage business opportunities within that partner relationship to grow our business.

Brady: The Summit is a great place to learn about the RQ Retail Management software and others products as well as the industry overviews.  Each year the RQ team does a great job of researching trends, finding solutions, upgrading their software with useful tools and answering questions on how their product can be more useful on the sales floor.

This information is useful for sales managers and also for business intelligence, operations, accounting, and marketing teams.  Another great reason to attend is the opportunity to visit with vendors that provide supporting products that integrate with RQ.

What is the biggest take-away from attending?

Mike: The biggest take away would be the realization that the best way we think we should run the business, might not be. The peer to peer interaction and breakout sessions open your eyes to new and better ideas to improve your position in the industry, and give insight to what’s on the horizon.

Mark: Knowing there will be tangible ROI for the time and cost of taking our top leaders out of the market for almost a week.

Brady: I believe the biggest takeaways are the seminars that showcase software updates, tips, and “how to” within the program.  Also “Best Practice” sessions share great ideas from other retailer on how they do various processes in the industry.

What do you look forward to the most?

Mike: I feel the breakout sessions provide a boost for morale and foster a rejuvenated focus on change. The peer to peer interactions are intangible and give new insight as to techniques and processes to improve your company.

Mark: Being exposed to often “known” business practices but seldom having the time to really focus on how often we slip into complacency without realizing it. Attending the Summit both forces and allows you the time to reflect on past/current performance and asks/answers the question of “what if?” which helps activate the vision needed for future success.

Brady: I look forward to visiting with other owners and peers and seeing how they are tackling the challenges we all face as retailers in the wireless industry.

For someone who has never attended a Summit before, what is the single biggest reason that they should?

Mike: Connection – vendors and peers. The connections go beyond the summit! Developing a peer to share ideas and collaborate is priceless!

Mark: Same answer as the previous question but I’d also add the atmosphere at the facilities, thought provoking conversations, and new positive business relationships while strengthening the bond and drive of our leadership to excel.

Brady: This conference is well rounded and reaches so many different levels/styles/models of wireless retailers.  Regardless if you have a lot or only a few door fronts or if you are a new retailer or “veteran” retailer; you can pick up great tips and advice to try within your own organization.

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