Bringing a Team to the Summit

Dealer to Dealer: It’s a family affair! Why your company would want a team at the iQmetrix Retail Summit 

The iQmetrix Retail Summit offers a wealth of information, learning and networking opportunities. So much so that it can be tricky to decide which sessions and opportunities your company would benefit from the most and who should be attending. We’ve interviewed two of our clients, Shaun Frescott, IT Director with Premiere Locations and Brian Boucher, President and CEO of Team Wireless, to see how they tackle all the action! These clients have experience bringing a variety of team sizes to cover the Summit.

How many people have you brought to an iQmetrix Summit in the past?

Shaun: We usually bring 5 director and executive-level employees.

Brian: We normally bring 3-4 people but this year we are bringing a crew! We’ll be close to 15 people.

What were their roles?

Shaun: Director of Sales, Director of Operations, IT Director and President/CEO.

Brian: In the past it was CEO, CFO and COO. This year it ranges from those to managers. We have competitions going on to win spots to come. We’re driving sales with it!

Why did you feel it was necessary to bring multiple staff?

Shaun: There are learning and networking opportunities that benefit all of these roles.

Brian: There’s too much information for a few people. You need several brains to take it all in.

How did you divide-and-conquer in order to cover the most ground at the Summit?

Shaun: We split it up to cover all the “tracks” available and to ensure that we’ve talked to all the vendors/partners. We also took the opportunity to touch base with other agents of the same size or that offer the same carrier.

Brian: This is why we are bringing more people this year. It’s the only way to get all the information. Otherwise you will miss some areas.

How do you take what you’ve learned back to your company?

Shaun: We have a better understanding of what is in RQ and what is coming so we can adjust our new hire and new process trainings accordingly.

Brian: We have a corporate meeting after we get back to bring all the notes together. Then we put it in place.

Will we see your team at the 2014 Retail Summit? View the agenda by suggested roles and

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